There are many jobs that demand the use of hand held devices, RF scanners, or other portable devices. All of these devices emit blue light which has been known to cause eye fatigue, headaches, and migraines. Many of these jobs are also indoor and, until recently, a wearer that needed to block a good portion of blue light had to resort to amber lenses. The negative to amber lenses other than the yellow shade is that it distorts color recognition. With MAXBLUE™ lens technology a worker can wear a clear lens that has a very faint mirror hue, yet while still blocking 41% of blue light. Pretty incredible!

  • Lens technology blocks 41% of ISO 12312-1 blue light
  • Allows 88% of visible light
  • Athletic Inspired Design
  • Streamlined 3-point ratcheting temple
  • Comfortable TPR nosepieces
  • Hybrid Temple

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