The new FM Approved Senscient ELDS™ Open-Path Gas Detector from MSA resets the safety standard in reliable methane (CH4) gas monitoring, with no false alarms while protecting people, equipment and plants from dangerous methane gas leaks in hazardous industry environments. 

The new FM approved Senscient ELDS Open-Path Detector is methane specific with an industry leading 0-1 LFL.m measuring range along with a conventional 0-5 LFL.m measuring range option. The 0-1 LFL.m measuring range delivers increased sensitivity and faster executive actions in the event of a gas release.

This laser-based, Class 1, eye-safe solution is less prone to the effects of fog interference providing increased uptime availability. The laser scans a narrower infrared methane absorption line where there is no corresponding absorption from water vapor, which minimizes the effects of fog, rain and snow.

To be FM 6325 Performance Approved, an open-path gas detector must operate under a range of environmental and electrical supply conditions without false alarm. False alarms are a serious problem that can result in excessive plant down-time, which often requires complex investigations and regulatory reporting. 

The Senscient ELDS laser-based open path gas detector is Class I, Div 1, Class I, Zone 1 certified featuring Harmonic Fingerprint™ technology. This patented technology ensures it will only respond to the presence of methane and therefore eliminates false alarms.

To further ensure reliability, the Senscient ELDS Methane Detector is the only device in its class with a built-in, automatic, daily functional test called ‘SimuGas’.  This automatic end to end functional test provides confidence of operation and removes the need for site technicians to enter potentially hazardous areas to conduct routine tests.

The Senscient ELDS Methane Detector is available in three path lengths: 16-131 ft (5-40m), 131-394 ft (40-120 m) or 394-656 ft (120-200 m), with a fast speed of response of ≤ 3 seconds (T90).

Methane gas is highly explosive and flammable, and is the primary component of natural gas used throughout industry to power boilers and furnaces, as well as for commercial electric power generation.  In addition, methane is a feedstock for butane, propane and ethane production.  

The Senscient ELDS Methane Gas Detector is used to monitor fugitive emissions and protect plants from the risk of explosion by detecting leaks faster and over a larger area than is feasible with point detection technologies. This detector is ideal for applications within oil/gas production, refineries, terminals and tank storage, chemical plants, electric power generation and more. They are typically placed around the perimeter of a plant, or process and storage areas, or near equipment, that poses a risk of gas leaks, such as compressors, pumps, pressure reducers, valves and pipe flanges.