Worldwide Protective Products today announces completion of an expanded sales management structure enabling the company to deliver real-time support to industrial and safety distributors through an integrated customer care network.

“In addition to product selection and availability, today’s successful distributors operate as advocates for their customers,” explains Worldwide Vice President of Sales, Greg Plemmons. “Our integrated customer care network lets distributors tap into Worldwide’s specialized leadership in cut-resistant gloves and sleeves and set themselves apart through consultative selling, pre-sales expertise, and product customization to meet the end-user’s precise needs.”

The appointment of Troy Secchio and Kim Isaly to Worldwide’s knowledgeable sales management team has only strengthened its promise to implement customer-focused business solutions. Secchio joins as Senior Business Development Manager and Isaly enters as the Central Midwest Regional Sales Manager.

With 20 years in the safety industry, Secchio spent his last four as Director of Corporate Strategy and Account Acquisition with Ironwear. With special expertise in Oil & Gas, Construction, and Foodservice, Secchio will partner with distributors to perform application-focused safety assessments for their customers in these fields in order to enhance worker safety and productivity.

Isaly previously spent more than 25 years with Safety Today, with her most recent title, Manager of Procurement and Inventory in North America. In addition to six years of sales experience in the personal protective equipment (PPE) industry, Isaly has also coached sales teams and managed inventory.

As Central Midwest Sales Manager, Isaly partners with Upper Midwest Regional Sales Manager Eric Roisum, who joined Worldwide in 2017 after spending 5 years at Conney Safety Products as Senior Sales Associate.

Worldwide rounds out its network with other PPE/hand safety veterans, including; New England Regional Sales Manager John Mazur, Great Lakes Regional Sales Manager Fred Kueker, South East Regional Sales Manager Trey Holmes, South Central Regional Sales Manager Alex Byrd, Western Regional Sales Manager Dudley Duncan, and Heartland Sales and Business Development Manager Al Williams.

Foundational to Worldwide’s shared customer care network are members of the service implementation team; Customer Service Manager Misty Ledford, Customer Service Manager Teresa Waddell, and Customer Service Manager Keyla Dancy.

About Worldwide Protective Products

A leading US manufacturer of high-performance gloves, sleeves and garments, Worldwide Protective Products safeguards workers in high-risk industries against potentially disastrous accidents. Known for our high quality, cost efficient offering of Advanced Technology Armor® (ATA®) gloves, sleeves and garments, Worldwide Protective Products specializes in the development of innovative product solutions for the hand protection industry. Our 25+ years of experience in design, fabrication and manufacturing have provided us with unique opportunities to work closely with and solve the safety needs of end users in automotive, metal fabrication, glass handling, paper manufacturing, plastics, aerospace, construction, food processing and foodservice. Worldwide manufacturing facilities are located in Wilkesboro, NC; Buffalo, NY; and North Attleborough, MA.