The appropriations bill signed into law last month by President Trump sets OSHA’s FY 2019 budget at $557.8 million – an increase of $5 million from 2018, when the agency received $552.8 million.

The state plans portion of the OSHA pie got a bump of $1.5 million, or $102.4 million total. Despite efforts to eliminate it, the Susan Harwood Training Grants Program remains in the agency fold and will receive approximately $10.5 million.

OSHA’s federal compliance assistance efforts will get a $2.5 million raise - to $73.5 million – while its enforcement budget will rise by $1, to $209 million.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration will stay the same - at $373.8 million.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health will have an operating budget of $336.3 million – a $1.1 million increase from FY 2018.