Tell us a little about the history of your company. How and when did it originate. 

We are a family-owned business based in Goteberg, Sweden and founded in 1959 as a Trading Company for Technical Fibers. Eureka Safety is the PPE division of Y. Berger & Co AB launched in 2009 as a logical extension of our expertise in technical materials and technical knowledge and history of glovemaking . Today we have approximately 60 employees, along with two manufacturing sites and three warehouses.

What has been your company’s business strategy to gain market share?

New products are introduced to the market primarily via tradeshow exhibitions to develop leads, and then direct end-user engagement.

Describe the core branded products of your company that you promote most heavily.

Eureka Gloves — — include tool-vibration reducing gloves, gloves offering arc flash protection with cut resistance and dexterity, cut-resistant gloves, impact-resistant gloves, assembly work gloves, food processing gloves, winter warming gloves, and puncture- and needle-resistant gloves.

How do distributors contribute to your success in the marketplace? 

Distributor inside and field sales act as an extension of, and enhance, our in-house sales and marketing efforts. We offer training to distributors and field sales support, including joint calls.

What business characteristics do you look for when selecting to work with a distributor?

We look for distributors with an experienced safety field sales team with a technical focus.

Do you have any recent news about new facilities or new personnel to report?

We recently launched our North American Subsidiary -  Eureka Safety, Inc., to support USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Describe your current financial picture.

Eureka is showing a 40+% year-on-year growth rate driven by new, innovative products.

What should distributors know about your company’s future, in terms of short- and long-range plans?

We are making strong capital investments in modern manufacturing capabilities, including highly automated tooling, and in-house production. Eureka division aims to become a leading partner in the PPE trade through the development of innovative glove solutions and is currently represented in more than 25 countries around the world.