Mist collection, fall protection and flame resistant gear were among the top occupational safety and health products featured this week:

From Dentec Safety Specialists:

You can change the cartridge position…without changing the cartridge

Claudio Dente, President of Dentec Safety Specialists, is happy to announce the latest developments in cartridge respirator’s convenience and efficiency. Mr. Dente remarked, “The Comfort Air masks are made with a unique new “positioning” feature that allows a worker to change the cartridge into three different positions.

Targo FR foul weather Bomber and Bib Featuring GORE-TEX PYRAD®

The Targo FR Foul Weather Bomber and Bib features breathable, waterproof and windproof 7 oz. 2-layer GORE-TEX PYRAD®. Lightweight and fast drying, Targo keeps you comfortable even in the toughest conditions.

New Kee Walk® with Guardrail provides an OSHA-compliant rooftop walkway with integrated safety railing

Kee Safety, Inc., Buffalo, New York, announces the introduction of Kee Walk® with Guardrail, an OSHA-compliant rooftop walkway system with integrated safety railing. Designed to provide a secure, anti-slip walking surface on all roof types including metal profile and standing seam roofs, Kee Walk with Guardrail accommodates steps, traverses, and sloped roofs with pitches up to 35 degrees, Kee Safety® states.

Camfil APC launches affordable, small-footprint mist collector for smaller machine shops

The EM-O Compact mist collector from Camfil APC is an affordable option for smaller machine shops looking to provide a cleaner and safer work environment. This plug-and-play, small-footprint mist collector was designed to separate either oil or synthetic coolant mist from the air before it is inhaled by operators or settles on machines, floors and other surfaces.