OSHA is eliminating a construction industry requirement that it says will “lessen the compliance burden of employers without jeopardizing the safety of employees.”

In a final rule published in the Federal Register on May 14, the agency says employers will no longer have to post maximum safe-load limits of floors in storage areas when constructing single-family dwellings or wood-framed multi-family structures. OSHA said posting safe-load limits is unnecessary in residential construction “because employers do not place heavy materials in storage areas above floor or slab on grade.”

Employers must still ensure that any loads placed on these floors do not exceed the maximum safe loads of the floors.

The change was initiated under Executive Order 13777, “Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda, issued by President Trump. It takes effect on July 15.

OSHA estimates that it will result in a total savings of $5.8 million a year for the construction industry.