Leo Fernandez was looking for a way to set himself apart from competitors in the printing industry. After some research as well as trial and error, he was able to create a high strength glow material for implementation onto a wide variety of components. What he came up with was a glow-in-the-dark material many times brighter than he’d ever seen, he called this material “Super-Glow.”

Whether it’s a firefighter in a smoky building searching for survivors, a police officer looking for his flashlight while chasing a suspect, or even an elderly individual going down a staircase in a dimly lit room. When things are more visible it not only saves time, it makes life easier.

We would like to introduce a revolutionary new product only available through ASGC Inc., called “Super-Glow.” What this product does is absorb light and becomes luminescent with a bright green color. This product sets itself apart from the other glow materials on the market because of its brightness, which can be seen in little to no light and is many times brighter than any other glow material on the market. This product works well with sunlight or artificial light in order to assist in locating whatever it is you need to find, even if you don’t have a light source.

Our product is approved by MSA as well as FEMA for the integration of our product into firefighter’s, miner’s and other’s equipment to help keep them visible in low, to no visibility areas.

There is an endless amount of uses for “Super-Glow” that have yet to be realized, from advertising, staircase steps, fire alarms, first response vehicles, escape route exits, police equipment, emergency roadside kits, clothing, hiking gear, fishing lures, auto vinyl wraps, flashlights and more.

We are excited to get our product into the customer’s hands and implemented into more products to assist those in times of emergency.

For more information on “Super-Glow,” please visit our website, ASGCPrinting.com or call Edward or Yesenia at 909-923-1227