It was standing room only Monday afternoon as Lev Pobirsky, senior director of safety and security of Pepsi-Cola National Brand Beverages, spoke about active shooter training and workplace violence.

He tries to answer the question: What really happens during an act of workplace violence?

Pobirsky is a Marine Corps infantry officer and has done extensive study of workplace violence in corporate America. By talking about it, he hopes to help employers and employees recognize signs of troubled employees and shed much-needed light on how humans respond to potentially violent situations. In today’s volatile environment, managing workplace violence risk is a must, he said.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2016 report, in today’s workforce, the incident of an armed intruder is 30 times more likely than a fire, 60 times more likely than a climactic event, and 125 times more likely than a chemical spill. Yet for many workplaces, it is the incident that employees are the least prepared to handle. No one wants to imagine their workplace in such horrific danger, but the reality is that employers must do their best to train employees to handle such a situation.