The Board of Certified Safety Professionals'(BCSP) CSP examCORE and ASP + CSP examCORE Connect pre-exam trainings are now available.

The Certified Safety Professional (CSP) examCORE provides six months of access to leading-edge training modules designed to help prospective certificants succeed at the BCSP CSP examination. With over 20 hours of video training in many subject areas, and learning exercises built to help program users retain and remember safety and health fundamentals necessary for the CSP exam. The curriculum is grounded in the subject matter of certification exam blueprints, BCSP exam references, and the latest in international safety and health standards.

ASP + CSP examCORE Connect combines the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) and CSP curriculum into one convenient, cost-effective program that allows users to prepare for both the ASP and CSP examinations. This online, self-paced course includes over 2,000 questions and answers and provides nine months of access to in-depth information on each area of the ASP and CSP blueprints.

BCSP examCORE users can also track their progress with pre- and post-tests and have access to over 1,000 questions and answers. Additionally, examCORE includes complimentary access to Dr. David Yates' eBook, Safety Professional's Reference and Study Guide, and the calculator needed for the certification examination. 

"This is another step in the direction of providing future certificants a convenient and effective method to prepare for BCSP certification examinations,” said BCSP’s CEO, Dr. Treasa Turnbeaugh, CSP, ASP, CIT, FASSP, CAE. “We are tremendously grateful to the team of SMEs and dedicated professionals, without whom the creation of this program wouldn't be possible."

The examCORE subscription is available on tablets and desktops and also comes with a guarantee. If a candidate has completed the program and their exam attempt is unsuccessful, they will be provided a one-time six-month extension at no charge. Three-month extensions are also available.

BCSP examCORE training is specifically designed to not only improve the knowledge and skills of the working safety practitioner but also help users successfully pass and complete BCSP certification examinations.

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About BCSP

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a not-for-profit corporation recognized as a leader in high-quality, accredited credentialing for safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) practitioners. BCSP establishes standards and certifies competency criteria in professional safety practice. Since 1969, over 100,000 BCSP credentials have been achieved.