Protective Industrial Products, Inc. (“PIP”), a leading supplier of hand protection and general safety products, announces the launch of a comprehensive lineup of disposable ear plugs.

The launch of this new product line represents PIP’s all-out foray into the manufacturing of hearing protection, specifically, disposable foam ear plugs. The 2018 acquisition of the HEAROS manufacturing facility coupled with a $1 million investment in new, state-of-the-art production machinery allowed PIP® to leverage decades of technical expertise and industry experience to create a new generation of disposable foam ear plugs.

Initially off this new production line are fourteen new products that include corded, uncorded and metal-detectable styles. All the new ear plugs feature PowerSoft™ Technology, a proprietary polyurethane foam formulation that results in ear plugs with an optimally sized cell structure that expands gently and evenly inside the ear canal.

PIP® Vice President of Global Marketing, Anthony Di Giovanni, stated, “This is a significant launch for us because of the unique PowerSoft™ foam technology and this puts us in a leading competitive position.” He concluded, “We’re not just talking disposable ear plugs, we’re talking sophisticated, quality hearing protection that is unmatched in comfort and performance.”

The launch of this new line further solidifies PIP’s position as a global leader of hand protection and general safety products. PIP’s continued goal is to provide its distributors and retailers with choice, service, quality and expertise in an expanded product offering that delivers solutions to meet every need in worker safety.

About Protective Industrial Products

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