NevadaNano Inc., the world’s leading innovator in gas detection technology, announced an alliance with GasLab™ to distribute the company’s Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™) sensors to its diverse customer base including companies in the industrial, chemical, and refrigerant markets. GasLab cited NevadaNano’s depth of expertise in chemical and MEMS sensor technologies and its sensors ability to detect gases across a broad range of concentrations as key factors in their decision to add the MPS sensors to their portfolio.

“We are delighted to welcome GasLab to the NevadaNano family,” said Bob Vigdor, Director of Sales, NevadaNano Inc. “We are looking forward to leveraging the relationships they have across the United States with companies developing next-generation products that require highly accurate and reliable gas detection technology to ensure safe and healthy work environments.”

NevadaNano’s MPS flammable gas sensors deliver unprecedented reliability and accuracy. Unlike traditional sensors, the MPS sensors accurately report 0-100% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) across 15 different gases with a single factory calibration and no field maintenance over their lifetime. The MPS flammable gas sensor’s accuracy is enhanced by integrated, real-time measurements and built-in compensation for temperature, pressure, and humidity. Gas concentration readings are accurate across the full environmental range, including rapid environmental transients, delivering best-in-class accuracy while eliminating false positives. The company’s MPS sensors are inherently immune to long term drift and poisoning.

“GasLab decided to partner with NevadaNano because of their extensive experience in the manufacturing and design of MEMS and MPS based sensor technologies,” said Irene Hicks, CEO of Gaslab. “We know there is a need in the market for precise measurement of hydrocarbons, refrigerants, and flammables. Working with NevadaNano’s MPS sensor technology, we can provide advanced solutions for these expanding markets.”

For more information contact NevadaNano at The complete family of MPS Gas Sensors is available immediately directly from NevadaNano or their newest partner Gaslab.