Blackline Safety Corp., a global leader in connected safety technology with a hardware-enabled software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model, today welcomed Kokosing Materials, Inc. (KMI), one of Ohio’s leading asphalt producers, to Blackline Collective. KMI, which operates 17 asphalt plants and two asphalt cement terminals across Ohio, shared best practices with the Blackline Collective network that focused on how organizations can adopt a holistic approach to safety to mitigate at-risk behavior.

To drive desired behavior, KMI prioritizes all aspects of team members’ wellbeing, including physical, psychological and emotional health. The company has implemented a family-oriented safety culture that involves managers traveling to all 19 of KMI’s sites regularly to check in on team members. Managers aim to speak with every individual, fostering relationships that go beyond the day-to-day job and routine.

“Achieving safety and operational excellence starts with treating your workforce as friends and family rather than a corporate resource,” said Michael Farnsworth, Safety Manager at Kokosing Materials, Inc. “During my site visits, we talk with our team members about their work, but also their interests, opportunities and challenges, both professionally and outside of the workplace. This approach has led to a trusting environment where communication and self-accountability come naturally, leading to enhanced health, safety and wellbeing.”

KMI utilizes a 24-hour safety hotline where teams willingly report near hits and at-risk behavior, sharing lessons learned with peers and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The KMI approach has delivered meaningful results, as KMI’s 142 team members have worked more than one million man hours without an OSHA recordable incident. KMI was also recently recognized by the National Asphalt Pavement Association with the Safety Innovation Award for its incorporation of Blackline’s connected safety technology, which team members wear voluntarily knowing it further improves the monitoring of their safety and the safety of their team members.

“KMI’s approach further demonstrates the importance of our outlook on workplace safety, prioritizing both the physical and mental wellbeing of our people,” said Sean Stinson, Chief Revenue Officer, Blackline Safety. “A growing percentage of the global workforce seek to feel protected and connected while on the job in order to operate more productively, safely and with greater confidence. It’s a conversation that is no longer just taking place among safety leadership – it’s at the top of agenda for boards of directors around the world. As a result, the practices KMI has shared with the Blackline Collective network can benefit organizations of any industry, size or location.”

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