SpillFix Universal Spill Kit

Category: Absorbents

Quickly and effectively deal with spills with the SpillFix Universal Spill Kit. The ideal solution for all kinds of spills, including oil, diesel, gas, petroleum, coolants, water and hydraulic fluid, our kits come with everything you need. Our Universal Spill Kit helps you effectively stop and clean spills as they happen, and include the world’s safest, fast acting granular absorbent. Our Spill Kits take 40% less time to cleanup spills, and generate 30% less waste for disposal, to give you 10% more absorption capacity over other leading brands.

American Green Ventures

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ZING 800 Series Padlock

Category: Lockout - Tagout - Locks Tags

The 800 Series Padlock is a high-performance lockout padlock for extreme lockout applications. The solid recycled aluminum body and stainless-steel shackle are specifically designed to excel in high wash-down environments like food manufacturing, saltwater locations like oil rigs and mines, and any industrial environment that is exposed to harsh elements. The lock is UL certified for high recycled content.

ZING Safety

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PIG® Carpet Protection Berber Runner with Adhesive Backing

Category: Matting

Carpet looks clean and bright until dirt, salt, sand and grime from people’s shoes find it – especially in high traffic areas. After hundreds and hundreds of steps, your carpet is worn and damaged and no amount of cleaning seems to help! Our adhesive-backed carpet protection runner is placed directly on top of your existing carpet to trap dirt, salt, grease and grime to stop it from damaging carpet fibers. It protects new carpet and extends the life of existing carpet by preventing crushing and wear.

New Pig

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PIG® Social Distancing Floor Sign & Marker - Bag of 10

Category: Signs, Labels, Tags

Just peel and stick these New Pig social distancing signs, markers and mats where you want people to stand or walk for easy, intuitive spacing that helps you comply with health guidelines. Our non-slip social distancing products stick with a super-tight grip, but peel up easily without damaging floors or leaving a residue.

New Pig

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