TGX® Gateway

Category: Smart PPE - Exposure detection

Connect your lone workers to safety with the TGX Gateway. This vehicle-installed gateway sends location, gas readings, and real-time alerts from Industrial Scientific wireless gas detectors to cloud-based iNet® Now software. With cellular and satellite connectivity, TGX connects you with remote teams, so you can monitor, escalate and respond quickly. Gain visibility, improve response times, eliminate manual check-ins and connect with ease with the TGX Gateway.

Industrial Scientific Corp.

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Category: Smart PPE - Sensor-embedded

Deadly voltage and current hide in plain sight. COMPASS™ detects electrical threats and reveals their location, keeping you aware with a single glance. It's an always-on, right-in-front-of-you solution designed to bolster your safety procedures and provide a sixth sense on the job.

Safeguard Equipment

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