MCR Safety's UltraTech® 96902 is an environmentally friendly glove made of a 15 gauge recycled PET and cotton material. This glove is coated on the palm and fingertips with a biodegradable foam nitrile coating, making this a fantastic Eco-friendly option with excellent gripping power! The comfortable and flexible knit wrist fits well and is latex-free.  Each pair contains at least one waste bottle/ocean plastic, helping to clean the environment! If you are looking for the best Eco-friendly work gloves, look no further than MCR Safety!  Visit the website at 96092 - Environmentally Friendly Palm Coated Work Gloves | MCR Safety or call 800-955-6887 for all your safety gear needs.


  • PET recycled material and cotton shell
  • Biodegradable nitrile foam coated palm / fingertips
  • Comfortable 15 gauge shell
  • ANSI Abrasion Level 2
  • ANSI Puncture level 2
  • Latex free
  • Treated with ActiFresh® to prevent odors and eliminate bacteria
  • Biodegradable poly bags
  • Carton and paper labels are recyclable
  • FSC â Certified 
  • REACH Compliant 
  • Available in sizes XS-XXL