Leonard Valve Company announces its newest Emergency Mixing Valve, the LV-6100-LF – aka The Neutron, True Digital Emergency Mixing Valve – is available for specification and purchase. The first Digital Emergency Mixing Valve to be ASSE certified, The Neutron has been greeted with enthusiasm by Engineers and Sales Reps alike.

The Neutron’s digital capabilities are a game-changer in the oft overlooked field of Emergency Mixing Valve technology and will make compliance with ASSE-1071 codes and standards easier and less time-consuming.

Like all of Leonard Valve’s digital offerings, The Neutron has a programmable temperature setpoint, accurate within ± 2 °F, and is self-balancing and self-diagnosing. Just like Leonard Valve’s Nucleus Digital Master Mixing Valve, The Neutron also has a daily self-cleaning feature. If maintenance is required, The Neutron will alert users to the issue. The Neutron is the commercial plumbing industry’s first automated valve with a reminder alert to test weekly, as per the ANSI Z358.1-2014 standard. For ease of maintenance, The Neutron has internal check/stop valves for local isolation and servicing, as well as cross-flow prevention.

The Neutron has a minimum flow rate as low as 3 GPM (11.4 L/min) and a maximum flow rate as high as 80 GPM (303 L/min), making it ideal for both emergency eye/face wash units and drench shower combination units. It’s safety features include:

  • An internal cold-water bypass of 40+ GPM
  • Automatic hot-water shut-off upon cold-water inlet supply failure
  • Optional Back-Up Power Supply that offers 2-hours of run time in case of primary power loss
  • Meets Low Lead requirements of wetted surface areas, containing less than 0.25% lead by weight

For more information on The Neutron, visit www.leonardvalve.com or contact your local Leonard Valve Sales Representative.