Responses to the Value of Networking

Some successful people have said networking is a waste of time. Others swear it has been the key to their success. Our readers respond on whether networking is worth the effort.

Yes, but it hasn't helped me land a decent job. It has helped me swap technical info (though I'm normally giving it from my files). I'm hoping in 1997 it opens the "hidden job market." 90 percent of advertised jobs are bogus anyway.

Name and title withheld

Networking is a powerful and unique resource. If it is performed correctly, one can usually receive discounts or other benefits from consultants or safety product sales people or even find out about a new and upcoming EHS employment opportunity before the door opens.

To properly network, you must be: (1) friendly and courteous; (2) willing to exchange information, while staying in the scope of your personal authorities; (3) pay very close attention to your peers; and (4) be able to read between the lines. Networking can work with people you like and those you dislike. It all depends on what you want, when you need it, and how you want to go about getting it. Networking is only a waste of time if you don't use it to your advantage.

Michael D. Wilson, Risk Manager/ Safety Officer City of Murray, KY