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Thanks to the Internet, virtual libraries of safety and health information are at your fingertips. In this week's edition of ISHN's e-newsletter we offer you some of our favorite Web sites:

American Academy of Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Content includes consensus opinion statements, evidence-based statements, and guidelines on topics such as allergies in the workplace, diseases in the workplace, costs of arthritis for employers, work-family conflict, and controlling infections.

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Health alerts, position papers, how to assess your company's health, how to contain healthcare costs, and much more.

American Board of Industrial Hygiene

All you need to know about obtaining and maintaining a Certified Industrial Hygienist credential.

American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists

Everything you need to know about Threshold Limit Values.

American Chemistry Council

You'll find everything you ever wanted to know about the Responsible Care program, plus info on topics such as chemical plant security, biomonitoring, and the chemical industry's lobbying targets.

American Industrial Hygiene Association

This is where you find meeting minutes for the ANSI Z10 committee drafting a voluntary occupational safety and health management system. A good source for Washington updates, also info on mold, IAQ, and risk assessment.

American Management Association

Look at life from Executive Row. All about pin-striped research, strategies, e-learning, books, and conferences.

American Society of Safety Engineers

Daily safety and health news ticker from media across the country, plus ASSE position papers and news releases.

Board of Certified Safety Professionals

All you need to know about obtaining and maintaining a Certified Safety Professional credential.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Treasure trove of data on workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. Rates and trends by industry, by occupation, by year, by employment size, by lost workday rate, by total incidence rate, sliced and diced as only statisticians can.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Safety and Health

Great for info how to and tips on a range of topics: psychosocial issues, biohazards, ergonomics, physical agents, prevention and control of hazards. Site includes Chemindex, RTECS, Cheminfo MSDS databases and fatality reports.

Environmental Protection Agency

All things enviro of course… "Where you live" lets you enter your zip code to check how green your backyard really is.

European Agency for Safety and Health At Work

In a shrinking world, it's worth knowing what's hot on the other side of the pond. Excellent source for European Union safety and health strategies and policies. You'll also find leading edge info on job stress and what Euros call workplace bullying. In the states it's known as working for Steinbrenner.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Excellent photo library of disasters and recovery operations for your next PowerPoint presentation. Good info on homeland security, preparation and prevention, disasters and emergencies, response and recovery. For Weather Channel buffs, check out the Storm Watch and Current Weather section.

Gallup Organization

Polls, polls, and more polls. Want to find out what your public stakeholders are thinking? This is the place. The Gallup Management Journal offers thought-provoking articles on management and business performance, such as "The Power of Positive Psychology."

International Association of Fire Fighters

Includes a safety and health section presenting warnings and fact sheets, a database of line of duty deaths, health and wellness info including the Candidate Physical Ability Test, and features on topics such as SARS and smallpox.

International Safety Equipment Association

You'll find all the major PPE vendors here. Good info on construction safety and first responder products.

Institute for Health and Productivity Management

Learn about cutting-edge research to help you sell your next health promotion and wellness initiative. IHPM is out to prove the business case for health and wellness programs.

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

Europe's leading body for health and safety professionals, representing 26,000 members in over 50 countries. The Institution regulates and steers the profession, maintaining standards and providing impartial guidance on health and safety issues.

International Labor Organization

Too pro-worker to make Bill O'Reilly's list of bookmarks, but here you find excellent educational materials and ILO's occupational safety and health management system standard — one of a few existing global benchmarks. Check out the SafeWork global safety, health and environment program.

International Organization for Standardization

Everything from the latest growth stats on the use of ISO 9000 and 14001 standards to a recent report on "How to keep a product fit and healthy throughout its life." If you want the status of a pending ISO standard, this is where to come.

Issues Management Council

We used to have problems, now we have "issues"… IMC helps companies identify and resolve emerging issues that affect corporate governance and reputations. A different take on environmental health and safety issues, and many other reputation risks.

Mine Safety and Health Administration

All about helping you work more safely down in the ground. Hazard alerts, recall links, special initiatives on accident and illness prevention, plus a running tally of fatalities year to date.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Researchers could spend weeks harvesting this site. Great for deep background on chemical safety, respirators, emergency response resources, traumatic injuries, ergo-related injuries, mining, construction, agriculture and much more.

National Fire Protection Association

Learn the latest about NFPA standards that set state-of-the-art performance criteria for first responder protective gear. Excellent source for fire safety info both on and off the job.

National Safety Council

Good source for family safety info — safety alerts for hayrides, baby-proofing your home, CPR, horseback riding, poisonings, skateboarding, etc. Workplace section targets ergonomics, falls, and more.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

The mother of all safety and health Web sites. Find the most frequently cited OSHA standards, scroll through decades of interpretation letters, download 28 "e-tools" and 20 PowerPoint presentations. No wonder this site attracts more visitors than the Magic Kingdom — about 50 million visits in the past year.

Reputation Institute

A private research organization focusing on how companies manage, measure, and value their reputations.

Risk and Insurance Management Society

Excellent info on workers' compensation, enterprise risk, risk management, risk financing, corporate governance and risk management. RIMS serves 8,400 risk management pros worldwide. Some experts contend risk management is the future of occupational safety and health — or at least a parallel universe worth exploring.

Safety Equipment Distributors Association

Home base for national, regional and local suppliers of safety gear.

Society of Human Resource Management

Learn about what shapes the culture of today's workplaces. You'll find surveys on employee attitudes toward job security, job satisfaction, benefit cuts, management practices, and more.


SustainAbility is a hybrid: part strategic management consultant, part think-tank and part public interest group. A good site for learning what's hot in sustainable development and corporate social reporting.

U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

Get the latest investigative reports on some of the nation's most publicized incidents, plus an archive of completed investigations and recommendations made to regulators such as OSHA and EPA.

Voluntary Protection Program Participants' Association

Get an idea why participation in OSHA's VPP program is growing faster than kudzu.

World Health Organization

Gives you a detailed global perspective on scores and scores of health issues and initiatives, everything from asthma to zoonoses (diseases such as rabies or malaria that can be transmitted from animals to humans).


Dave Johnson is the ISHN E-News editor. He can be reached at, (610) 666-0261; fax (610) 666-1906.


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  • "The Participation Factor," by Dr. E. Scott Geller

  • "Safety Training That Delivers"

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  • "Safety Management - A Human Approach," and "Techniques of Safety Management - A Systems Approach," both by Dan Petersen.


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