Five suggestions for saving our health and safety history:

1. Local health and safety associations should accept the primary responsibility for recording and preserving activity in their community. Associations are not burdened by the legal need to use objective data to describe how struggles and accomplishments are being met among their members. Their accounts can add flavor to what’s going on during the times.

2. Colleges and universities with health and safety programs should accept the primary responsibility for acquiring, housing, and showing “antique” equipment. Users and suppliers should offer old equipment to a college or university before they decide to trash it.

3. Colleges and universities should ensure that their health and safety curriculums contain an adequate amount of course work devoted to the historical and liberal arts aspects of the profession.

4. People who retire from the field should devote a portion of their “leisure time” to seeking out and recording in articles and books historical events.

5. At a minimum, each workplace should maintain a simple chronicle of health and safety milestones from the conception of the business up to present day. The responsibility to maintain the document should be passed to each new holder of the health and safety position.