More than one-third of survey participants say the sudden shortage of flu vaccine has led their companies to cancel their flu shot programs this year, according to an online poll at, a Web site for human resources professionals.

This share of the total vote rises to nearly one-half, or 48.7 percent, when factoring out those who said their companies weren't planning to offer flu shots in the first place.

In response to the question, "Will you be providing flu shots to your employees this year?" the polling results went as follows:

  • 35% - We had planned to, but the sudden shortage has forced a cancellation.
  • 28% - We hadn't planned to provide shots in any event.
  • 21% - We still plan to, but things are uncertain now.
  • 17% - We're still planning to provide shots.

The poll, held October 8-15, drew a total of 373 votes.