A three-story scaffold collapsed at a house under construction in Milford, Conn., Tuesday, injuring three roofers who crashed 25 feet to the ground, according to theConnecticut Post.

The house's builder, Little Pond Developers LLC of Milford, lacked a permit for the work, sparking an investigation, said Building Inspector Thomas Raucci. OSHA is also probing the accident, which occurred in the morning.

The three roofers, described as Hispanic immigrants, suffered head, neck and back trauma. One also had a broken ankle.

The workers had just started their roofing assignment when the brackets that held up the wooden scaffold gave out. Fire Dept. Capt. Harold Streit said the scaffold lacked enough brackets to keep it attached to the house's wood frame while supporting the weight of the workers. The scaffold also lacked adequate plywood bracing to keep it stable, he said.

Raucci, the building inspector, said the developer only had a permit for the house's foundation. The framing and roofing is being done without the building department's approval, he said.