Yes, no issue is too slight for the U.S. Congress. In fact, this one’s rather weighty. A House subcommittee is taking a look at the "Captive Elephant Accident Prevention Act", which would ban the use of elephants in circuses, traveling shows, and elephant rides.

What would Dumbo say?

Since 1983, more than 30 people have been killed by captive elephants and more than 70 others have been injured, including circus spectators, according to The Fund for Animals. OSHA rates elephant training as one of the three most dangerous jobs.

According to Christine Wolf of The Fund for Animals, ``Elephants are highly sensitive animals who maintain close family ties and travel across a large territory in the wild. Circuses deny them even the most basic semblance of their natural behavior, and it is no wonder that they rebel against this oppression.''

The bill currently has 45 cosponsors.