Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) has introduced H.R. 5040: The United States Toxic Mold Safety and Protection Act.

Conyers says the growth of toxic mold is becoming a problem of "monumental proportions." Exposure to mold growth in residential, public and commercial buildings is believed to have caused serious medical conditions. Property damage from mold growth has destroyed millions of dollars in real estate.

The United States Toxic Mold Safety and Protection Act will mandate comprehensive research into mold growth, create programs to educate the public about the dangers of toxic mold and provide assistance to victims.

Industrial hygiene alert: The bill will generate guidelines for preventing indoor mold growth, establish standards for removing mold when it does grow, provide grants for mold removal in public buildings, authorize tax credits for inspection and/or remediation of mold hazards and create a national insurance program to protect homeowners from catastrophic losses.

The bill directs EPA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), respectively, to establish guidelines that identify conditions that facilitate indoor mold growth and measures that can be implemented to prevent such growth. The guidelines will also address mold inspection, testing and remediation.

Also, the bill asks EPA and HUD to establish guidelines for certifying mold inspectors and remediators. Guidelines will help identify hazards associated with inspection and remediation and the steps that should be taken to minimize the risk to human health.

Can you say "asbestos deja vu"?