Two people were shot, one fatally, in a robbery of a credit union last week at a sprawling Xerox complex near Rochester, N.Y., according to The Associated Press.

Police said one victim, a machine operator hired in 1980, died, and the second, a software engineer hired in 2000, was taken to a nearby hospital with a shoulder injury.

Police were unsure how the gunman escaped from the Xerox campus. No one saw him flee by foot or vehicle. Police said the credit union would be difficult to locate in the maze of campus buildings unless a person had been there before.

While police searched the area, employees - as many as 6,000 - were sent to designated safe areas inside the facility and not allowed to leave. The entire complex was locked down and Xerox canceled its 3-11 p.m. shift.

The facility conducted a lock-down drill about four weeks ago. During that drill and in times of emergency, employees are assigned "safe areas" that had been designated several years ago throughout the complex.

Immediately after the incident, employees were asked to go to their safe places. They were updated via loudspeaker what was happening and were told police would decide when they could leave. Some employees were detained for up to 11 hours.