A Carrington, North Dakota pasta plant employee's arm has been reattached, after it was severed in a workplace accident, the Associated Press reports.

Nineteen-year-old Robert Ogren of Carrington was injured on Friday, May 28, while working at the Dakota Growers Pasta Plant. He was flown to a hospital in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, where surgeons reattached his left arm. He's listed in fair condition.

Although Dakota Growers officials and government agencies aren't releasing any details about how the injury happened, the company says Ogren was injured as crews were preparing to shut the plant down for the Memorial Day weekend.

Ogren, who was set to graduate from high school on Sunday, worked part-time at the plant doing cleaning work.

The state office of Workforce Safety and Insurance is covering Ogren's medical costs. The agency also is meeting with the company to see if any safety procedures were violated.

Federal OHSA is also likely to investigate.