Car and truck manufacturers are starting to sell safety benefits like industry's safety pros.

DaimlerChrysler's technology developments include collision warning systems, lane departure warning systems, and systems that detect alcohol in the driver's breath, according to an article in BusinessWeek magazine.

In a venture with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, DaimlerChrysler has developed a sophisticated monitoring system that tracks drivers' eye movements, checking for signs of drowsiness that would set off an alarm.

Of course, as safety pros know too well, costs can get in the way of implementing safety improvements. The pricing of this crash-prevention technology prevents DaimlerChrysler from introducing these systems to market. But interest in car safety is catching on in Europe - not surprising given Europe's cultural emphasis on public and workplace collective safety efforts.

And doesn't this sound familiar to industry safety pros: In America there is a general call for safer cars, but automakers have a tough time getting consumers to walk the talk. Just like trying to get execs to put their money behind their safety lip service.