Senator Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) is threatening to filibuster a bill that would require OSHA to issue an ergonomics standard.

Enzi said the bill proposed by Senator John Breaux (D-La.) is "fundamentally flawed."

In a letter attempting to rally opposition to the bill, Enzi told fellow senators that "as ranking member of the Subcommittee on Employment, Safety and Training, I feel a special responsibility to protect America's workers from occupational hazards, including ergonomic hazards. However, I am not fulfilling this responsibility if I do not attempt to prevent the promulgation of such a fundamentally flawed workplace safety rule as that mandated by S. 2184. Efforts to submerge such a mandate in appropriations legislation will not deter me from my duty."

Enzi's letter concludes: "If my other colleagues fail to recognize this and attach the provisions of S. 2184 to the Labor-HHS appropriations bill, I am prepared to filibuster the bill."