Fetzer Vineyards President Paul Dolan describes six values of sustainable businesses in his new book, "True to Our Roots: Fermenting a Business Revolution":

1) Your Business is Part of a Much Larger System — Operating according the interconnectedness of the world allows the goal of sustainable businesses to be "equitable treatment of people, preservation of the earth's natural vitality, and a solid economic return for business owners."

2) Your Company's Culture is Determined By the Context You Create For it — What gives people meaning in their jobs "is not just the money they earn from the work, but also the purpose of the work," which in turn creates a context for all business activity.

3) The Soul of a Business is Found in the Hearts of its People — A sustainable business must have integrity, a moral center, and "it must be connected to its values and the greater world."

4) True Power is Living What You Know — A corporation does not have integrity if it is "acting from some of its values, but against others." Removing this internal conflict "unleashes tremendous creative power" and "really expresses what they believe."

5) You Can't Predict the Future, but You Can Create It — Leaders of a sustainable organization have shifted "from a perspective of incremental change to a perspective of transformation." They work to "accelerate the arrival of a particular version of the future."

6) There Is a Way to make an Idea's Time Come — The sustainable business must take a stand on environmental and social issues. Dolan writes "when you commit yourself to something that doesn't currently exist, you create real change, not incremental change."

Fetzer Vineyards, one of the largest wineries in the U.S, makes nearly four million cases of wine a year. The company's earnings growth averaged 15 percent annually through the 1990s.