The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates U.S. traffic crashes cost $230.6 billion in 2000, according to a federal study. That includes $61 billion in lost workplace productivity and $4.5 billion in workplace costs.

Tell your employees to slow down, buckle up and stay sober behind the wheel. The study found:

  • failure to wear seat belts led to approximately 9,200 deaths and 143,000 injuries;
  • speeding resulted in 12,350 deaths and 690,000 injuries; and
  • alcohol-related crashes resulted in 16,792 deaths and 513,000 injuries.

Seat-belt use in 2001 was at 73 percent nationwide, according to the study.

The agency said 41,821 people were killed, 5.3 million injured and 27.6 million vehicles damaged in highway crashes in 2000.