OSHA recently announced the availability of two new resources on the agency's Web site: a Web-based assistance tool for workers and employers in the tree-care industry, and a new advanced search engine that allows users to search topics in a variety of targeted areas.

"These new tools provide useful and more readily-accessible information that will help employers, employees and businesses stay safe, healthy, and successful," said Jonathan L. Snare, acting assistant secretary of labor for OSHA. "The tree-care industry topics page is a great example of how an effective alliance can leverage our joint resources to improve worker safety and health. And, by expanding our search engine, visitors to OSHA's Web site can now access specific information quickly and more comprehensively."

The new Safety and Health Topics Page is a product of OSHA's former alliance with the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Users can access information to develop and implement comprehensive safety and health programs, and learn how to recognize and address potential industry hazards, including overhead power lines, falling branches and faulty safety equipment, to name just a few of the dangers. The page also provides information and links to OSHA standards, compliance directives, interpretations of OSHA standards and national consensus standards related to the tree care industry.

OSHA's new advanced search engine allows users to conduct topical or keyword searches in various sections of the web site, such as standards, compliance directives, interpretations, small business, training and many other areas. Searches can be limited to one area or expanded to many different areas of the site.

When a subject is entered into the new search tool, users are provided a list of the top links for any issue as well as additional search options on a subject. For example, if a search is submitted for a specific area, the search engine also lists other locations and how frequently the subject can be found throughout the web site. A general search will list each area that a subject is located and offer the user the opportunity to conduct an additional, area-specific search.