In a recent report that examines the risks of shiftwork it was noted that, while dependent on the industry, accident and injury rates are likely to be higher at night than during the day.

In Circadian Technologies’Financial Opportunities in Extended Hours Operations: Managing Costs, Risks, and Liabilities, it was also reported that:

• The average cost of an accident is likely to be higher at night when more serious errors are made.

• The average workers’ compensation claim is higher in extended-hours operations than in traditional daytime operations, increasing the premiums that are paid.

• In transportation industries, it has been demonstrated that the rate of single vehicle accidents is greater in the early hours of the morning (3 a.m. to 6 a.m.) than at other times of day.

Companies can take actions to reduce the risk of workplace injuries and accidents, according to Circadian’s report. For example, companies can develop an accident reporting mechanism that collects, analyzes and reports the data that will reveal the causes of the highest-cost category accidents.