The first step in a safety footwear program is to identify what types or categories of shoes should be worn in your work place environment, but is this enough? By providing your employees with an avenue to obtain the proper footwear you will help to ensure compliance and provide your company with many benefits. There are several programs available and you can choose the most effective or appropriate program(s) to facilitate your needs. Three of the most popular programs include:

Shoemobile: This is a door-to-door service where the supplier provides a retail store on wheels to your facility. The service provides a variety or hand chosen selection of shoes that are measured, fit and distributed at a chosen date and time.

Mail order: This service generally includes order entry through phone, fax, e-mail or Website and fulfillment in three to five days. Several companies offer company-specific program sites to ensure compliance to your requirements.

Retail store: This program can be set up at specific locations that merchandise the footwear your employees need. Maps to the locations and vouchers may be provided for employee convenience and can provide program instructions for the retailer.

There are local, regional and national safety shoe companies that offer these levels of service. The benefits of an established program are many and depending on what is offered may include:

• Reduced prices on footwear and accessory items. By leveraging your company or employee spend you can often negotiate a volume discount.

• Consolidated invoices, individual receipts and program tracking. Speak with your vendor about ways to eliminate internal paper trails and reduce the costs associated with employee purchases. Inquire about direct invoices with subsidy, payroll deduction and vouchers to simplify transactions.

• Ensured availability and compliance with the specific footwear needed for your workplace environment. By communicating your company’s needs to your vendor, they can provide the selection and volume to fit your employees as instructed.

• Increased employee/company relations by providing your employees with an effective program, illustrating that you care about their safety.