The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) will showcase ten new publications at the 68th annual American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHce) from June 2–7 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

The new AIHA resources that will be available for review and purchase at AIHce are:

Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Assessment and Remediation Guidance
Authors: Thomas D. Koch, Heather L. McArthur, John Martyny, Mark S. Cameron, Andrew A. Havics, Caoimhin D. Connell
Stock No: EMCG07-722
AIHA Member Price: $45
Nonmember Price: $55

This guide explores clandestine meth labs and the hazards these labs present to occupants, first responders, property owners, industrial hygienists and others involved.

Guidance for Conducting Control Banding Analyses
Authors: AIHA Control Banding Working Group
Stock No: AEAG07-726
AIHA Member Price: $55
Nonmember Price: $70

Industry experts developed this guide to promote a broader understanding of key concepts, significant developments, and research needs associated with the practical performance of a control-based approach to identifying and controlling hazardous agents in a changing world.

Industrial Hygiene and Safety Auditing – A Manual for Practice, 2nd Edition
Editor: Craig Hollenbeck
Stock No: AMAE07-724
AIHA Member Price: $50
Nonmember Price: $65

Readers are provided with proven methods to best evaluate the effectiveness of their organization’s compliance effectiveness of its industrial hygiene and safety program.

Preventing Hazards at the Source
Author: Cora Roelofs
Stock No: AEAH07-725
AIHA Member Price: $60
Nonmember price: $75

Hazard prevention is explored with step-by-step processes and strategies that promote new ideas for a more prevention-oriented industrial hygiene model.

An Ergonomics Guide to Computer Workstations, 2nd Edition
Mary O’Reilly, Brian Finder, and Marjorie K. Werrell
Stock No: EERH07-723
AIHA Member Price: $45
Nonmember price: $60

Today’s widespread use of computers in an office setting has created a cluster of ergonomic conditions somewhat distinct from other workplace concerns. This guide addresses these conditions and will familiarize those who design office space, those working in offices, and those responsible for the health and safety of office workers with ergonomic principles intended to minimize the risk of eyestrain, cumulative trauma disorders, and stress.

Industrial Hygiene Desk Reference Card
Author: Anthony Martinez
Stock No: BIHS07-731
AIHA Member Price: $5
Nonmember Price: $7

A quick tip and reference resource that includes useful conversions, basic science definitions, algorithms, and statistics related to industrial hygiene.

2007 Emergency Response Planning Guidelines (ERPG) Complete Set
Authors: AIHA Emergency Response Planning Committee
Stock No: AEAR07-545
AIHA Member Price: $245
Nonmember Price: $300

A must for anyone responsible for responding to emergencies, this series provides values intended as estimates of concentration ranges where one might reasonably anticipate observing adverse effects as a consequence of exposure to a specific substance.

2007 Workplace Environmental Exposure Level (WEEL) Complete Set
Authors: AIHA Workplace Environmental Exposure Level Committee
Stock No: AEAR07-547
AIHA Member Price: $250
Nonmember Price: $300

Each WEEL represents the workplace exposure levels that individuals could be exposed to repeatedly without experiencing adverse health effects. Information used to establish each guideline is documented in an easy-to-read format that identifies the agent by chemical name and CAS number. Information on the agent’s chemical and physical properties, uses and volume, toxicology data, and human use and experience is provided.

Additional New ERPG and WEEL Products:

2007 ERPG Update Set
Stock No: AEAR07-561
AIHA Member Price: $60
Nonmember Price: $70

2007 WEEL Update Set
Stock No: AEAR07-562
AIHA Member Price: $50
Nonmember Price: $60

AIHce attendees will receive a 10% discount on any publication order placed during conference. For more information, please contact product development manager, Katie Robert, at (703) 846-0738 or To order a copy of any of the AIHA publications, please visit AIHA’s InfoCentral (booth number 635) in the expo hall or contact AIHA Customer Service at (703) 849-8888 and request the stock number.