The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Inc. (AAOHN) and the American Red Cross have renewed their collaborative relationship by signing a memorandum of understanding that allows the two organizations to share expertise and recruit nurses nationwide to assist the Red Cross with relief operations during disasters.

The memorandum of understanding modifies some of the existing terms of the agreement and extends the partnership from one year to another three years.

"Sharing the respective knowledge that both the Red Cross and the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses has cultivated is a fundamental aspect of this partnership," said Senior Vice President of Preparedness and Response for the Red Cross Joseph Becker. "AAOHN is a principal force in furthering the profession of occupational and environmental health nursing, and the Red Cross is now able to utilize that expertise to benefit the communities that we serve."

As part of the agreement, AAOHN will:

• Provide occupational and environmental health nursing expertise related to programs, policies, protocols, etc., of the American Red Cross Staff Health and Health Services Activities;

• Encourage speakers at the local and national level; and

• Recruit occupational and environmental health nurses for the American Red Cross through the association chapters nationwide.

In turn, the American Red Cross has agreed to:

• Provide disaster nursing expertise for AAOHN's emergency preparedness/disaster planning programs and activities;

• Promote training and retention of nurses at the local level and through the Disaster Services Human Resources system (AAOHN members must successfully complete the training and all Red Cross volunteer requirements);

• Encourage speakers at the local and national level; and

• Promote manuscript submission to theAAOHN Journalwith the intent of enhancing the relationship through co-authored articles.