The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) has established a BCSP Scholarship Fund within the American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation (ASSEF). The first $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate or a graduate student pursuing a safety or safety-related degree in 2008.

The BCSP Scholarship Fund was created as a means to contribute to the environmental, health and safety (EHS) profession and to recognize those Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) who have contributed significantly to safety professionalism through and with BCSP.

The first scholarship — the BCSP Glenn Daviet Scholarship — has been named in honor of Glenn D. Daviet, CSP, CPCU, ARM, ALCM. At the time of his passing in July 2007, Mr. Daviet was serving as BCSP’s Secretary-Treasurer. He had been a BCSP Director since 2004.

“Remembering and acknowledging the efforts of exceptional individuals is not only our obligation as leaders — but more importantly — a privilege,” said BCSP’s 2007 President, Jeffrey L. Robinson, CSP, P.E. “BCSP can accomplish this and give back to the profession through the BCSP Scholarship Fund.”

ASSEF will manage the scholarship fund, select the candidates and award the scholarship. BCSP will have the responsibility of overseeing the fund and naming any future scholarships. BCSP hopes to build the BCSP Scholarship Fund to the perpetually endowed scholarship level.