OSHA and the American Foundry Society (AFS) recently renewed their alliance, according to a recent agency press release. The organizations will continue their stated goal of providing safety and health information related to personal protective equipment, heat stress, and reducing and preventing exposure to silica among employees in the metalcasting industry.

Through the alliance, AFS developed a manual titledControl of Silica Exposure in Foundriesthat provides information to help control the potential hazards of respirable crystalline silica. The society also developed theGuide for the Selection and Use of Personal Protective Equipment and Special Clothing for Foundry Operationsto help reduce the risks of exposure to foundry hazards.

OSHA and AFS representatives spoke at conferences and meetings including the AFS 19th Environmental Health and Safety Conference and the 111th Metalcasting Congress. AFS representatives continue to serve on the editorial boards of OSHA safety and health topics pages regarding control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout); heat stress; lead; powered industrial trucks; silica, crystalline; and ventilation.