Call it Facebook for safety foremen or MySpace for safety managers. It’s a marketing value-add for safety buyers.

Ansell Limited is sponsoring “The Online Safety Community,” located It’s a free social network created for anyone for whom workplace safety is a profession or a passion. Visitors to the site can share ideas, read and comment on industry news stories, and collaborate to make workplaces safer and more productive.

“Safety professionals have often felt isolated, only getting the chance to network with colleagues once or twice each year at trade shows and conferences,” says Rebecca Roebuck, “Many safety professionals are the sole individuals at their companies doing the important job of ensuring workplace safety. It can be a lonely road.”

Signing up on the Online Safety Community allows users 24-hour access to up-to-date information. They can personalize their page with a customized theme; post photos and videos to their page or to the main blog; start their own blog; comment on other pages, blog posts and articles; invite colleagues and friends; and add friends to build their network.