When times get tough, people get stressed, and when faced with a crisis, many people seem suddenly skilled in the art of “Blamestorming,” a term used by author Bryn Meredith in his new article, “The Art of Blamestorming.”

According to a press release issued by Bluepoint Leadership Development promoting the article, “Blamestorming” is a meeting of like-minded people who decide who or what they are going to blame for their current plight.

Blamestormers tend to lead their organizations on a vicious downward spiral of panic, falling morale, resignations, lack of focus on solutions and a lack of vision for the future because they are too focused on finding someone or something to blame for the past, according to the press release.

Good leadership is always about responsibility and never about blame. Safety pros have known this for years when it comes to countering management’s often-cited notion that employees are to blame for accidents.

Strong leaders will ask themselves some of the following questions:

Did we really have a contingency plan in place for recessionary times? Have we created a culture of innovative so that we can look at new ways to grow? Have we created an agile organization that can adapt quickly to changing needs? Have we built a loyal engaged workforce who have faith in their leadership and will stay with us?

They will not be wasting time with the Art of Blamestorming.

Bryn Meredith is a principle of Bluepoint Leadership Development. He has extensive experience as a business leader, entrepreneur and leadership development specialist. Please contact Bryn Meredith for more information atbrynmeredith@bluepointleadership.com.