Slippery floors, hot cooking equipment, heavy lifting, loud noises and working alone are some of the dangers teens face as they take that first job or seasonal employment. These dangers can lead to fatalities and serious injury if workers are not aware of them and how to protect themselves against being injured on the job. To help teens stay safe at work, the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) has launched an interactive online computer game called “Don’t be a Zombie at Work,” according to an ASSE press release.

Located at, the new ASSE game is free and features the imaginary evil “BodgeDab” industries. Players help their co-workers avoid becoming a “zombie” by finding tools and information from embedded SH&E professionals to stay safe on the job. The game involves a mysterious corporation, led by reputed evil boss Damballa Bokor, which has just moved into a large city and is opening businesses all over town. People working at these establishments are becoming “unnatural”— zombie-like. And the “virus” is quickly spreading among all workers. The player’s job is to move through these establishments — a restaurant (Club BodgeDab), a warehouse and an office — to save the workers by undoing the workplace hazards. If successful, the player moves to the final challenge — a showdown with Damballa Bokor at BodgeDab headquarters.

Throughout the game, Elle — an ASSE member and SH&E professional — is working undercover to help stop BodgeDab industries and inform the player of the dangerous and underlying dangers of the company. Just a call away, Elle and a team of safety professionals provide the player with clues on how to prevent workplace hazards, save the zombies and stop the dreaded BodgeDab industries.

In addition to Elle and the safety professionals, the player has several tools that can be moved to a tool box/inventory to fix the hazardous situations in each level. Instructions and quizzes are provided throughout the game.

Other free young worker tools from ASSE include the “Be Safe At Work: Tips for Teens” bookmark and the brochures titled “Important Workplace Safety Guide for Young Workers” and “Preventing Roadway Crashes.” All are available by contacting ASSE at, by calling 847-699-2929 or downloading them from the press kit.