The International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (also known as the Board of Certified Hazard Control Management) is a not-for-profit professional credentialing organization that issues five safety and hazard control-related credentials.

According to a recent press release, one of the organization’s newest credentialing opportunities is the Certified Patient Safety Officer (CPSO). Others include the Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) and Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) credentials. The CPSO program attracts healthcare professionals who understand the importance of changing cultures and using innovation to improve patient care and medical outcomes, the group says. CPSO professionals come from various backgrounds. The Board has certified physicians, nurses, improvement professionals, risk managers, senior leaders, and facility safety managers as Certified Patient Safety Officers (CPSO).

The CHSP credentialing program offers healthcare personnel working in a variety of positions to earn a prestigious credential that is highly recognized. CHSP credential holders work in areas such as safety, security, occupational health, nursing, administration, risk management, quality improvement, facility management, biomedical engineering, hazardous material management, emergency management, fire safety, consulting, and environmental services. Our newest healthcare credential is the CHEP. The CHEP credential is for anyone working to lead or support disaster/emergency planning, management, mitigation, and response activities related to healthcare facilities. The CHEP attracts personnel working full-time in emergency and disaster positions or part-time in an additional duty capacity including consultants.

The International Board also offers the Certified Hazard Control Manager (CHCM) and Certified Product Safety Manager credentials. The CHCM program focuses on managing hazard control and safety programs. CHCM personnel come from various industries including manufacturing, system safety, transportation, government, education, insurance, and mining. CHCM professionals oversee a number of hazard control-related programs such as safety, occupational health, environmental management, system engineering, industrial hygiene, fire safety, product safety, hazardous materials management, and other related disciplines. The Board also offers the Certified Product Safety Manager

(CPSM) credential for safety professionals dedicated to the safe manufacture, sale, distribution, and use of a variety of products including consumer goods, foodstuffs, and medical equipment. The challenging CPSM exam focuses on topics such as system safety methods, regulatory issues, warranties, product recalls, and comprehensive product development programs.

Candidates for certification must pass a closed-book exam of 100 to 125 multiple choice questions depending on the type of exam. Candidates must complete a formal application and document relevant job experience and/or education. Applicants must obtain two reference evaluations from persons aware of their qualification for certification. Application and Reference Evaluation Forms can be printed from the Board website.

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