The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the eRulemaking program have partnered to sponsor the “Rulemaking Matters!” video contest, according to an EPA press release. The contest will highlight the significance of federal regulations and help the public understand the rulemaking process.

Federal agencies develop and issue hundreds of rules and regulations every year to implement statutes written by Congress. Almost every aspect of an individual’s life is touched by federal regulations, but many do not understand how rules are made or how they can get involved in the process. This video contest is an opportunity for everyone to learn more and participate in an open government.

With a short 60 to 90 second video, citizens should capture public imagination and use creativity, artistic expression and innovation to explain why regulations are important to everyone, and motivate others to participate in the rulemaking process. Individuals and groups of all ages may participate. Entries must be received by May17, 2010. The winner will be awarded $2,500, and their video posted on the and EPA Web sites.

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