Another BP roast: The Senate Subcommittee on Employment and Workplace Safety holds a hearing this Thursday, “Workplace Safety and Worker Protections at BP. Trekking up the Hill again: Steve Flynn, Vice President of Health, Safety, Security and Environment, BP Global, London, United Kingdom

Over in the House:

In what is called a full committee markup, the House Education and Labor Committee this Wednesday will put the finishing touches on The Miner Safety and Health Act (H.R. 5663), which includes provisions to increase OSHA penalties and criminal prosecution capabilities. The bill will likely pass along a straight party line vote and go to the House floor, where chances are good it will be approved by the full House in the next month, again along a straight party line vote.

The Senate is a different story, where Democrats hold a slimmer majority and a slippery ability to shutdown a Republican filibuster, which could occur if the MSHA/OSHA bill gets as far as the Senate floor. Some OSHA watchers believe the Senate is where the bill will come to die.