California Congresswoman Jane Harman recently received a personally guided tour (by President and CEO Lyndon Faulkner) of Torrance-based, Pelican Products’ 200,000 square foot facility and addressed a 200+ employee assembly, according to a company press release.

Harman focused on the value of manufacturing quality products in the United States and offered praise for Pelican™ sales activity across the globe particularly to China. At one point during the rally, the Congresswoman asked for a simple show of hands to see how many people had been with Pelican for more than five, ten, fifteen and twenty years, to which she rallied — “To anyone who says that manufacturing in the United States can’t or won’t work, I say, look at…” Pelican! — the crowd chanted. “To anyone who says quality products are not exported from the United States, I say look at…” Pelican! — the crowd chanted.

“We are extremely proud of our operation and it was great to be able to show the Congresswoman that manufacturing can prosper in California,” said Lyndon Faulkner. “Her speech was extremely inspirational and greatly validated the exceptional performance of our employees.”

Amazed by Pelican’s quality products, the Congresswoman took out her checkbook and purchased a 1090 HardBack™ Case for her husband as she departed the facility — a true testament to the obvious craftsmanship and durability that inspires great loyalty in their customers.

Preferred by professionals who work in extreme situations including military, law enforcement and fire safety, Pelican products are backed by an industry-leading guarantee of excellence. From being dropped out of helicopters in Iraq to being rolled over by SUVs in Tanzania, Pelican’s products are trusted to perform in harsh environments time and time again.

Recognized by her colleagues and the national media as an authoritative voice on counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence matters, Jane Harman has represented California's 36th Congressional district in Los Angeles' South Bay since 1993. She cited Pelican Products as a success story in her “State of the Region” address during a South Bay Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce luncheon on October 18, 2010. For more information about her role in Congress, visit