Search results for “hearing protection” on YouTube conduct May23, 2011 yielded about 3,150 results. That’s right, more than 3,000 videos on hearing protection alone. Welcome to the YouTube generation.

You can find Jack Black telling people to protect their hearing in a video shot and edited by a bassist in a former San Francisco rock and roll band. This one has had 13,414 views.

The most popular hearing protection YouTube is directed straight at the workplace. It’s a safety training DVD preview with 27,566 views. Another popular one address 12 FAQs about how to protect hearing.

Another celebrity, very loud guitarist Joe Satriani, explains the importance of hearing protection in a public service announcement.

You can also search and find hearing protection YouTube clips from Certified Safety Professionals, hearing protection vendors of course, and also videos on how to safely set off fireworks and how to take care of your ears while mowing, edging and trimming a lawn.

The collection of hearing protection messages on YouTube will only increase, rest assured.