Blue FlashBlue Flash Welding Helmet/PAPR offers protection from welding fume hexavalent chromium. NIOSH approved “all in one” system provides respiratory, head, eye and face protection. PAPR is contained in the helmet. No uncomfortable waist packs or hoses to tangle, increasing worker acceptance.  Helmet has heads up display with visual and audible alarm indicating filter life, air flow and battery life. Adjustable flow rate of 7.6 or 8.2 CFM.

 * Welding helmet flips allowing user to grind and clean metal looking through clear ANSI face shield

* ADF lens, shade 9-13

* APF of 1000 with No Fit Testing required.

* HE & HE/ HF/ Nuisance odor filters available.

* NIOSH approved / ANSI certified face shield and head protection

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