Camfil Farr APC publishes Spanish language dust colleciton capabilities brochureA new 24-page Spanish language brochure from Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) showcases the company's extensive capabilities in the design and manufacture of dust collectors for a wide range of processes. It describes how Camfil Farr APC dust collection systems solve dust and fume challenges in blasting, chemical processing, custom OEM, fiberglass, food processing, laser and plasma cutting, metal grinding, mining, paper scrap, pharmaceutical, rubber grinding, seed processing, thermal/flame spray, welding and woodworking.
The brochure also includes an overview of the popular "Gold Series®" cartridge dust collectors, which come with a 12-year warranty, and award-winning HemiPleat® filters for new equipment or retrofit use. The company's dust testing and quality assurance programs are featured as well.
Camfil Farr APC is a leading global manufacturer of dust collection equipment and is part of Camfil Farr, the largest air filter manufacturer in the world. To view or download the brochure online in The Americas, go to: For general information in English, visit