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Audiometric Services

  • Up to 60 tests each hour can be accomplished using licensed Audiology Aides.
  • Immediate review of test results with each employee.
  • Audiological analysis of every hearing test, not just problem test results.
  • Exception Reports generated at the end of each shift.
  • Final Summary Reports are emailed in 24-48 hours using PDF format.

Reduce Lost Production Time

  • No more hassling with long lines and lost production time because many associates are waiting 15-30 minutes to be tested.
  • Time test schedule is used to minimize lost production and greatly reduces each employee's
  • No more than three associates per technician

Increased Test Accuracy

  • Our audiometric testing eliminates “false positive” standard threshold shifts that are common with noisy trailer testing.
  • Manual audiometric testing methods are preferred by many audiologists and are accepted as a
  • Highly accurate method of performing hearing testing.
  • Comparative in “real time” our software guarantees tests that are 100% accurate!

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