URelle-Crete flooringFacility owners seeking floor coatings that can meet tough performance requirements as well as growing sustainability targets are finding solutions from DSM. The global life & material sciences leader has been increasingly focusing its innovation efforts on the needs of the industrial floor coatings market, with an expanding portfolio of high-performance products. The most recent: URelle™ urethane systems.

URelle™-Crete—the first of the new product family—is a three-component urethane cement system designed to stand up to excessive physical impact, thermal shock and chemical exposure. Ideal for facilities where durability is of major importance, such as pharmaceutical and food & beverage, URelle-Crete protects the concrete against mechanical abuse and heavy traffic, and can also withstand extreme conditions such as the thermal shock associated with hot water discharge. It is therefore highly suitable for exposure to wet processing and high-temperature (steam) cleaning.

URelle™-Crete meets current USDA/FDA standards and provides excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of cleaning and processing chemicals. It is available in multiple colors and supplied in several grades with varying textures and thicknesses.  

The URelle™ product line follows DSM's earlier introduction of UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings in 2009, a highly sustainable family of products based on UV-curable technology. Curing instantly for a fast return to service using a mobile UV light machine, UVolve® coatings are solvent-free, 100% solid materials with near-zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions and low odor. Once installed, they provide an attractive and highly durable floor finish that is easy to clean and highly resistant to a variety of chemicals. UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings can be used in a variety of industries that require a fast return to service, including pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries, and is NSF certified.

Visit www.dsm.com/floorcoatings for more information about UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings and URelle™ urethane floor coatings, and for updates on DSM's growing line-up of floor coating products.