The Revvo Caster Company, Inc., West Seneca, New York announces the introduction of its new ET Series casters designed to move moderate loads via manual propulsion.  Four-inch diameter swivel models are available with an optional fixed-position brake that mounts to the top plate so that the brake is always in the same easy-to-access position regardless of which way the swivel wheel is facing. The fixed-position brake is ideally suited for grocery roll pallets that lock inside of trucks; however, ET Series casters are also designed for point-of-sale displays, warehouse racks, medical and hospital carts, and mobile appliances, A/V equipment and other mobile products used in commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities, according to Revvo Caster.

New ET Series swivel models feature a double-ball raceway for smooth directional movement with the capability to withstand shock loading, Revvo Caster states. Fixed and swivel models are available in wheel sizes of 4” and 5” diameter with load capacities ranging from 264 lbs. to 550 lbs. Wheel types include  polyurethane-on-nylon with roller bearings, and black nylon or blue rubber with precision ball bearings. Fixed models have an oblong top plate. Swivel models are available with either a special top plate for the fixed-position brake (4” dia. models only) or a standard top plate. Accessories include wheel locks for standard swivel models and thread guards to prevent debris from binding the wheel.

For additional information, contact The Revvo Caster Company, Inc., 2420 North America Drive, West Seneca, NY 14224. Toll-Free: 1-888-883-3596. Phone: 716-675-9609. Fax: 716-677-2363. Email: For specific product information and to download a catalog sheet, visit: